Moving Solution

Moving Solution

Personal Moving Consultant

We provide you with your own personal move consultant — an experienced professional who focuses on all the details of your move.

Floor Plan

We obtain a floor plan of your new residence and work with you to lay out your belongings.

Organize, Sort and Declutter

We provide advice, structure and hands-on help to guide you through the downsizing process. We help you separate items going with you from those you want to sell, donate or discard, so you save money on your move and reduce stress.

Arrange and Coordinate Movers and Shipping

We recommend, schedule and coordinate movers, confirming the date, time, crew size, interim stops, loading dock and elevator availability and all move day details. We work with small shipment specialists to identify the most economical way to send small loads to family members throughout the country. Most importantly, we help you look at big-picture issues that create the best move experience for you.

Pack, Unpack and Resettle

We professionally pack all of your belongings, using digital photos and careful labeling to recreate the look and feel of your current home. We unpack, put away and resettle your new home. When we are done, your bed is made, your kitchen is set up, electronics are connected, and every carton and piece of packing paper is removed.

Our Happy Clinets

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